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Bodies and memories

By now, I'm sure that everyone in this community is aware of the fact that certain people in Kaiba believe that body and memory-switching is wrong. That people should live their lives and die when they are done. That it is vulgar and wasteful to simply toss away their bodies when they find no more love for themselves. And then, there are the people who benefit from body-switching. Those who sell those bodies for profit, those who need new limbs, those who need to escape.

There are many foreseeable reasons to do something like change your body.

And now I have to ask you, would you ever change your body? Would you remove your memories and put yourself someplace new?

Why or why not?

And that isn't even breaching the subject of buying and selling memories.

What is your opinion?


Yes, I would. Because my body is a decrepit piece of crap. I want to be healthy more than anything.
Switching bodies does offer the change of image and of health that I'm sure many desire.

It's important to build a way to exercise and eat healthfully, but people with diseases and disabilities do have a certain disadvantage. That much makes a good amount of sense.
I would do it. I know it's wrong and all, but I would still do it. It's the best way of hiding yourself ever, you could walk in front of your brothers and sisters without being recognized, you could leave everything behind and start over. Not to mention that you can actually erase the painful memories. Yeah, I would TOTALLY do it.

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I can't deny though, that I don't like my body, that I wish I had a better one. I have some memories I'd like to erase too. I also wish I could get knowledge in an easier way.

But where's the fun in that?

That's just not being alive. Life is about fucking up. Life is about messing up, making mistakes and learning from them. You can't enjoy life is you are afraid to get your shirt dirty. True, sometimes we regret. But it's not strange for us to feel that. It means that we did live, even if we messed up in the end. As long as we don't live in past and 'what if's, we can live with some regrets, even learn from them too.

We have to take the good with the bad. You won't ever truly be happy, until you have truly been sad. It's like wining. You don't appreciate it unless you've lost. Denying yourself of past sorrows, erasing regrets and mistakes would be denying your humanity.

Death is so... final. Which is why people are so terrified of it. It's in our nature to fear what we don't understand. But this is life. And if we try to cheat our way through it, to cheat through death... we'll start taking it for granted. Look at the people in Kaiba. The ones in Abipa. Now think about the dead ones, the memories trapped in tanks and how no one cared enough to do anything. They even had an amusement park with them in it! I found it horrifying!

At least we have this one delicious irony. The only thing life is fair and shares with all of us happens to be death. But that's just the way it is. Immortality would come at too high a price.

Let's not put prices to our lives.

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